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UNDER CONSTRUCTION. This will be replaced with the updated version in the next few months.

I don't retain any personally identifiable data, and I don't collect any personally identifiable data without your knowledge. I won't share your information with anyone except for tokens automatically passed to affiliates and advertisers when you click their links.

Pseudo-Legalese Privacy Policy

Update, 5/15/2008: I have added information to this page to clarify how and why I am collecting and using information related to grants of rights under my copyrights. Since I've started promoting Photogonia's service to print pictures on canvas, people have begun requesting copies of my pictures without the copyright notice. So, in order to retain my own copyright to these pictures, I have to keep some kind of track of who has been given what rights to print and display the pictures. Details below.

I'm not a lawyer, and these statements have not been reviewed by any lawyers. I hope you get the idea, and I'll stand behind these statements.

I will not share the information collected on this Web site with anyone, except in the normal operation of the affiliate and advertising programs, or in the pretty-near unlikely event that I am legally obligated to share visitor information with law enforcment agencies. In the case of the affiliate and advertiser programs, it's just an automatic thing that happens when you click on a link. In the case of a legally binding demand that I share information with law enforcement, well, the fact that I don't retain much information means that I don't have much to share except the most recent feedback that I haven't processed yet.

Information is collected on this Web site for four general purposes:

  1. Affiliate programs
  2. Visitor feedback
  3. Usage reporting
  4. Copyright license reporting

  1. Information collected for affiliate programs is identifiable, and some is recorded on your computer in the form of "cookies." Cookies are not inherently evil, although evil can be and has been done with cookies. I've chosen my affiliate programs carefully to make sure they are using the information only as necessary. My Web server collects identifiable information, usually your Internet address, and passes it to the affiliate so they can later identify any purchases you make on their sites as having originated on my site, and give me credit for it. Information you provide directly on the affiliate's servers is subject to their privacy policies, so read and understand them before you provide any additional information. Information collected on this Web site for affiliate programs is not retained or examined on this Web site at all.

  2. Information collected on feedback forms may or may not be identifiable, and is used for self-evident purposes, but I'll describe the purpose here anyway. All identifiable information collected on feedback forms is submitted voluntarily and transparently - that is, you didn't have to enter your name or e-mail address, and if you chose to enter such information, you know it. I am not gathering such information surreptitiously on the feedback form. All personal information on the feedback forms is used for purposes of replying to your feedback and, if you gave permission to use your feedback on the Web site, for identifying the comments as belonging to you. Information collected on feedback forms is stored in e-mail, not on this Web server, and is retained only long enough for me either to reply or to post the feedback on the appropriate page of the Web site.

  3. Information collected for usage reporting is aggregated, and not individually identifiable. It's pretty much an automatic thing provided by my Web Hosting service, and I'll use it as appropriate. It will let me know, for example, how many visitors I have from particular geographic regions so I can, theoretically, tailor my content accordingly. It will let me know how many visitors are using which browsers and which versions, so I can, theoretically, tailor the operation and scripting of these Web pages to work reasonably well with all browsers that my visitors are using. It will let me know which pages on this site are more popular and which are less popular, and that knowledge just might affect the development of future content.

  4. Information collected for copyright license reporting is aggregated, and not individually identifiable. All requests for pictures intended to be displayed in private places (your home, office, or cubicle) are recorded in aggregate only. That is, I keep track of how many such requests have been granted for each picture, but nothing about who requested it. All requests for pictures intended to be displayed in public places (including generally accessible places within private places of business) are recorded along with the company name and the type of place the picture will be displayed, but no contact information is retained, nor is the name of the person making the request. All such information is stored in a database which is not connected to the Internet. Contact information is retained only long enough to fulfill the request, and it is deleted as soon as the picture is sent to the person making the request.

I have made what I consider to be a reasonable effort to ensure that the affiliate programs in which I participate are safe. I assure you that I wouldn't hesitate to click on the affiliate links and ads on this Web site (except that most of these affiliate programs prohibit the site owner from clicking on their own links, to prevent "click fraud"). I have indeed purchased things on-line from each of the vendors whose affiliate programs I participate in. Couldn't say the same for all the advertisers, of course, because there are simply so many of them, but I do know that the ad carrier does a reasonable job of keeping out the riff-raff.

Feedback on the contents of this Web site or questions entered on feedback forms will be posted on this Web site in one of two ways, either in aggregate or in individual form. If you fill out a form that rates a story or other page on this site, I will use the numerical rating to calculate the overall rating of that page, and I will publish the average. You have no control over my use of the data, except that you can choose not to submit your rating. If you enter comments or a question, you will have a choice as to whether to allow me to use your comments or question on this site. If you request that I not publish your comment or question, I will honor that, but if you allow me to use it, I am not obligated to use it and I will use it if I choose to do so. If you enter a comment or question and allow me to use it, you will also have a choice to enter a "screen name," and I will identify your comments by that "screen name" if I choose to use them on the Web site. Under no circumstances will I post your real name or e-mail address on this Web site, unless you happen to type them into the "screen name" field. Incidentally, if you enter a "screen name," I have no way of guaranteeing that nobody else will use the same "screen name" for other comments, so the fact that two or more comments are attributed to the same "screen name" does not necessarily mean that they actually came from the same person.

In the future, I may collect other information - such as mailing addresses if you order something directly from this site - and I will update this Privacy Policy accordingly. For now, this Web site is not collecting any individually identifiable information except for that used in affiliate programs and voluntarily submitted information on feedback forms, and none of this is retained on this Web site.

If you got here from the Picture Request Form, you can click that link to get back there and submit your request.

Links and Affiliate Programs

Here are the affiliate programs in which I participate, plus a few links to general hiking Web sites. Most of these affiliate programs require the following disclaimers, and they apply to all even if they are not required:

  • My participation in these affiliate programs or exchanging links with another Web site does not indicate a subsidiary or other legally binding connection that obligates the linked site to any liability for the information and/or actions of my site. (For example, the "affiliation" between me and my site on the one hand, and Amazon.com on the other hand, does not make Amazon.com responsible or liable for anything on this Web site.)
  • My participation in these affiliate programs or exchanging links with another Web site does not indicate an endorsement of this Web site by the owner of the linked site.
  • My participation in these affiliate programs or exchanging links with another Web site does not indicate a formal endorsement of the linked Web site by me, although I have made a reasonable effort to determine that these linked sites are legitimate, are not out to rip you off in any way, and have what I consider reasonable privacy policies.

Photogonia prints digital pictures on canvas, simulating the look of an oil painting. You can send your own pictures for printing, or choose your favorite pictures from this Web site. As suggestions, here are some of my personal favorites. You can request a copy of any of these pictures without the copyright notice on it using the Picture Request Form.

In Association with Amazon.com

In Association with Amazon.com

Hiking and Camping Info, News, Gear Shop, Travel & Community @ ABC-of-Hiking.com

ABC of Hiking. An excellent Web site with the full gamut of information, from backgrounders for beginning hikers to detailed buying guides on hiking and camping gear. Also includes trip reports from around the world, and a well-developed on-line community of hiking enthusiasts.

The Slackpacker Website

The Slackpacker Website. This site promotes a more leisurely approach to hiking than the usual conquer-the-next-trail of most hiking sites. Very much in line with my own approach to hiking. I like it! In addition to great content - essays on hiking and information on geology and such - this site contains links to trail descriptions all over the world and all over the Web. (Cross-check my descriptions, if you like.)

Go to Hike-NH.com

Hike NH is a wealth of information including trip reports, gear recommendations, etc. They emphasize the conquest and assault type of hiking, which is not my style, but this is a very rich and high-quality site.

Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links
Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links

From the site's mission statement, "The Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links™ Web site plans to be the most comprehensive directory of Web sites relating to promotion of ethical enjoyment and use of the Wilderness and sites with information and descriptions of hikes and summits." Comprehensive it is, and very well organized. Easy to find information from around the world, with a good regional breakdown within the U.S.


BestHike.com. "Best" is subjective, of course. The Webmasters say, "Our mission is simply to list the best, most memorable hikes, long & short, in the world. Hikes that can change your life." There are necessarily very few hikes that meet this lofty criterion, so this site may seem a bit sparse. However, the hikes that are described here are indeed very good hikes, and very well described and presented. Worth a look.

Search Engine
Optimization - AddMe

A Web-site promotion service. We'll see how well it works.

Tanzania Safari Holidays

Adventure Tanzania safaris for familiy vacations, mobile camping, seniors travel and wildlife Tanzania tours. Natural Track Safaris.

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